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Welcome Message from the President

        At HKUST, our belief in the importance of innovation has also been our challenge over the past 25 years.
        Today I am proud to say that we have risen up to the challenge and achieved far beyond what we hoped for.
        As we look forward to the next 25 years, our mission to advance learning and knowledge will only be realized
        as we continue to attract the brightest minds that dare to dream the biggest dreams.
        Research is in the very fiber of our university. Through the years, our academic and research achievements
        have been globally recognized and awarded many prestigious accolades. Apart from academic and
        research excellence, we also pride ourselves as an institution that truly embraces diversity, which can be
        reflected in our faculty as well as our student body. Since day one, we have made international admission a
        priority because we staunchly believe that diversity stimulates the blossoming of ideas, and differences give
        impetus to the quest for breakthroughs.
        With these deep-set values, we encourage students to take charge of their own academic endeavors.
        We provide the platform, the tools and the environment to promote creativity and facilitate connections
        that will inspire debates and spur discoveries. You have the responsibility to grasp the infinite opportunities
        offered and make things happen. Together we form a partnership to unleash the power of imagination.
        We help you to be the innovators of today who will define the technology of tomorrow.
        From the following pages, you will find out what sets HKUST apart in reputation and resources,
        and how this institution can be the place where your imagination becomes reality. As we nurture the
        confluence of fierce innovation, high-level knowledge and mindful persistence, we can create solutions and
        contribute to the common good in this world.
        The challenge is ours to share.

        Prof Tony F CHAN

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