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                   T      he Nanosystem Fabrication Facility (NFF)   The NFF Phase II laboratory consists of a plant

                          is the first and only nanoelectronics fabri-
                  cation laboratory established in a tertiary institute   room and a cleanroom. The plant room is
                                                                  equipped with facilities to support the operation
                  in Hong Kong, and it represents a major achieve-  of the cleanroom. These facilities include an
                  ment for HKUST. The mission of NFF is to provide   in-house de-ionized water polisher, an acid
                  fabrication facilities in support of research and   neutralization system, a compressed air system, a
                  teaching in micro/nano devices and systems to   general vacuum system, a cooling water system,
                  faculty members, and undergraduate and postgrad-  water scrubbers, and dangerous goods stores for
                  uate students.                                  hazardous materials storage, air conditioning and a
                                                                  filtration system. The cleanroom provides Class
                  Since April 1997, the capabilities of NFF have been   10K, Class 1K and Class 100 environments and
                  upgraded with the completion of its Phase II    also houses the following five equipment modules
                  laboratory, which occupies an area of 750 square   for front-end wafer processing:
                  meters with some sections providing Class 100
                  environments. A complete 4” silicon wafer          Mask Making Module
                  processing line has been installed, providing      Photolithography Module
                  photolithography, thermal diffusion and oxidation,
                  thin-film deposition, dry/wet etching, metallization,      Wet Etching and CMP Module
                  implantation, and mask making services. An         Dry Etching and Sputtering Module
                  E-beam direct-write system has also been installed
                  to facilitate deep sub-micro patterning and to      Thermal Processing and Implantation Module
                  enable nanostructure research. The facility has
                  developed both MOS and bipolar baseline processes
                  for the fabrication of simple discrete devices and   A wide range of R&D projects are conducted in
                  small-scale integrated circuits. In addition to   NFF. Some of the most recent projects involve:
                  individual faculty members, the facility provides      3D Nano-electronics Devices
                  support to many centers and institutes at the
                  University. With its additional capabilities and      Display Technologies
                  capacity, NFF has extended its service to other
                  tertiary institutions and to the private sector      Sensor and M/NEMS Technologies
                  through various technical collaborations.          Silicon Photonics Technologies

                                                                     Power Semiconductor Devices and

                                                                     Advanced Packaging
                                                                     Advanced Process Module Development

                                                                     Gene Chip

                                                                     Compound Semiconductor Technologies

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