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E-beam Lithography

                                                                  The electron beam lithography system, with its
                                                                  resolution extending into the nanolithography
                                                                  regime, is used for direct write implementation of
                                                                  chips, wafers and masks. All pattern data are
                                                                  automatically converted into binary format for
                                                                  writing purpose on a workstation. A substrate is
                                                                  loaded onto the stage by a manual loader with
                                                                  a single-chuck substrate exchange chamber.
                                                                  A thermal field-emission cathode with a ZrO/W
                                                                  emitter generates a Gaussian beam. The Gaussian
                                                                  beam is focused onto the substrate by the 4-stage
                                                                  focusing system following the pattern generated by
                                                                  the vector scan pattern generator.

                                                                  The electron beam lithography system is used in
                                                                  applications requiring superior resolution and
                                                                  accuracy. It is particularly suited to the direct write
                                                                  production of silicon devices, the process develop-
                                                                  ment and test fabrication of electronic devices as
                                                                  well as research on new devices for which an
                                                                  ultra-fine linewidth is required.


                                                                          A laser direct writer for making
                                                                          A direct write electron beam
                                                                          lithography system for writing
                                                                          patterns on substrates
                                                                          A scanning electron microscope
                                                                          for inspecting nanoscale patterns

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