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P. 8

Photolithography Module

                   P     hotolithography is the complicated       the number of photographic masks used during

                         process of transferring a pattern from a
                                                                  devices within the circuit.
                 mask onto the surfaces of silicon wafers or any   fabrication and the feature sizes of the electronic
                 other substrates. Photolithography is in fact a
                 highly refined version of photoengraving and is   Photolithography must be performed in a particle-
                 performed under yellow room area. The pattern is   free environment, as the presence of dust particles
                 first transferred from the mask to a light-sensitive   on the substrates would result in defects. In NFF,
                 material called photoresist. It is then transferred   all cutting-edge high-precision photolithography
                 from the photoresist to the barrier material on the   equipment as well as the wafer stepper and
                 surface of the wafer by chemical etching or plasma   automated photoresist coating track are installed
                 etching.  In  industry,  the  complexity  of  an   in a class-100 cleanroom complete with yellow
                 integrated circuit process is often measured by   lighting.

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