Page 5 - Stephen Kam Chuen Cheong Hall 2018/ 2019 Resident Handbookl
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                   The University believes in total and holistic education.  Students are encouraged to take part in extra-
                   curricular  activities and to  engage in  athletic and  cultural  activities as  participants rather  than
                   spectators. Campus living is a desirable part of studies.  In addition to having easy access to academic
                   and research facilities, the opportunity to interact, in a residential environment, with peers not only
                   stimulates  learning but may also  lead to  long-term friendship and  business  associations.   It also
                   provides opportunities for  students  to  learn to mix with fellow students  of different cultures and
                   background harmoniously.  Each student is charged with the responsibility to act honourably and to
                   hold fellow students to the same standard.
                   Postgraduate students live in Stephen Kam Chuen Cheong (SKCC) Hall and University Apartments -
                   Towers A - C.  Undergraduate students live in UG Halls I, II, III, IV, V (PG Hall II), VI, CSK Hall
                   (Hall VII), VIII and IX.

                   The main objective of this handbook is to provide basic information about the University Apartments
                   - Towers A - C to all residents with a view to facilitating them in deriving maximum benefit from
                   living in the University Apartments.
                   The  architects  and the  builders  have  created  for  us the  physical environment in form  of rooms,
                   corridors and others.  It will be you, the residents, through your stay in the University Apartments that
                   will give life and character to the residential environment.

                   Do make good use of the handbook to explore the facilities and services available.  At the same
                   time, do ask yourself in what way, through your participation, efforts, creativity, cooperation,
                   acceptance and others, you can contribute to the creation of an environment that will bring
                   educational benefit to all.

                   Student Housing and Residential Life (SHRL), The Office of the Dean of Students
                   SHRL is in charge of the overall management of Student Halls, including admission, residential life
                   programs, hall operation and off-campus housing.

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