Page 6 - Stephen Kam Chuen Cheong Hall 2018/ 2019 Resident Handbookl
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                   The hall is designed as part of the greater university campus and community. There are facilities for
                   residents to sleep in, study and interact in small groups in the hall. Hall residents, however, will share with
                   other students, residential or non-residential,  facilities in  the main  complex  for  catering,  sports and
                   recreation, organization of activities, meetings and other types of activities.

                   The Hall Building

                   The Stephen Kam Chuen Cheong Hall occupies a wing of a building located at the mid-level of the
                   campus.  Another wing of the building is the Undergraduate Hall I.  Although physically located in one
                   composite building, the two halls have separate entrances.  The interconnecting doors are also locked all
                   the time except under special circumstances.
                   The Stephen Kam Chuen Cheong Hall accommodates up to 120 students in single rooms.

                   All bedrooms are fully furnished and air-conditioned. Each room is equipped with a small refrigerator.
                   Rooms in the Stephen Kam Chuen Cheong Hall are for single occupancy.
                   Electronic card meters are installed for the air-conditioners so that residents are charged according to the
                   actual operating time of the air-conditioner.  The meters are operated by HKUST student ID card.  The
                   money downloaded to the air-conditioning meter is not refundable.  Residents are advised not to download
                   too much money to the air-conditioning meter.
                   Note:  Residents may bring in loose electrical appliances for personal use in their rooms provided
                        that the appliances meet the required safety standards, do not take up much space and do not
                        cause disturbance to any other residents.
                   Residents must  check the  conditions of the  air-conditioning meter/ wiring/  labels  and report  any
                   abnormalities found  upon  check-in. Failure to  report the abnormalities may lead  to  termination of
                   residence. You are also responsible for a fixed penalty of HK$500 and the cost of making good.
                                             Help save energy!
                         Turn off air-conditioners, lights and electrical appliances when not in use.

                   Common Facilities   ℔ℙ姕㕥
                   On each floor of the hall, there are:
                   - toilets and showers
                   - a pantry, equipped with a sink, electric water boiler & drinking fountain or a water dispenser
                   - a common room with a microwave, a refrigerator and a television set
                   - telephone

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