Page 7 - Stephen Kam Chuen Cheong Hall 2018/ 2019 Resident Handbookl
P. 7

Defects  ㎵㭨
                   If you find any defects or damages in your room, you should:
                   (1) report to the Hall Office directly; OR
                   (2) Complete the defect report form at
                      and email to
                   Repairs and maintenance will be arranged.

                   Laundry   㲿堋㇧
                   - A Laundry and Drying Area is located in the courtyard of the composite building for Stephen Kam
                     Chuen Cheong Hall and UG Hall I.  The Laundry is equipped with 10 washing machines and 10 dryers,
                     all smart card operated, as well as a balance.  Two of the washing machines are connected to an
                     automatic laundry detergent dispenser.
                   - Electric irons and laundry baskets are available upon request.  (Contact the Hall Office if you want to
                     borrow these items)

                   - Residents should collect the washed clothes promptly.  Any laundry left in the laundry room will be
                     disposed of without further notice and the University or the hall management shall not be responsible
                     for any loss of or damage to the items.


                       In the  past, breakdown of washers and dryers was very frequent and it caused great
                       inconvenience to residents.  Much careful use will improve the situation.
                       DO NOT overload the machines.
                       USE the balance to weigh the laundry every time before washing.
                       DO NOT use excessive washing powder.

                       USE low-suds washing powder only.
                       READ the instructions carefully and follow them when you use the machines.

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