Page 8 - Stephen Kam Chuen Cheong Hall 2018/ 2019 Resident Handbookl
P. 8


                   General Policy

                   To ensure SECURITY and SAFETY for all hall residents, access into hall is under 24-hour control. This
                   - Entry into and exit from the Stephen Kam Chuen Cheong Hall MUST BE MADE AT THE G/F
                     ENTRANCE LOBBY only.
                   - Emergency exits leading from corridor of 2/F to PG Hall II, staircases to courtyards and roof tops are
                     STRICTLY FOR EMERGENCY USE  only.   These  doors are fitted with alarms which will  be
                     activated once the doors are pushed open.
                   - Hall management staff may check the identity of persons gaining access into the hall which will not
                     be a safe place to live if the management and the residents are not certain whether there are any
                     unidentified persons or intruders inside the hall building.  Please be tolerant if your identity is checked.

                   Access to and Exit from the Hall
                   Access to and exit from the Hall must be made at the G/F Main Entrance only.
                   For inter-floor access, residents may
                      a. Use the lift inside the Hall, or
                      b. Walk up/ down the staircases connecting all floors
                   The entrance door is controlled by the smart card. REMEMBER TO KEEP THE DOOR CLOSED.
                   When the LIFT BREAKS DOWN, entry to and exit from the Stephen Kam Chuen Cheong Hall have to
                   be made through the UG Hall I.  The doors near the lift of each floor separating the two halls will be
                   unlocked for access purpose.  When this happens, signs advising residents of such arrangements will be
                   put up at appropriate locations.

                   Access of Visitors to the Hall
                   Visitors must be accompanied by a hall resident at all times in any part of the hall. Visitors entering or
                   leaving the hall must register at the Hall Office located on the G/F of the UG Hall I.  Visitors and the
                   hosting resident(s) must observe the visitor policy stipulated in the Hall Rules of this Resident Handbook.

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