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The university
HKUST is a publicly funded university that opened in 1991.
It is a leading international research university dedicated to
the pursuit of knowledge in science, engineering, business,
humanities and social science, and the education of
tomorrow’s leaders.
As a young university into its second decade, HKUST’s
achievements are quite remarkable. It has consistently been in
the top spots in international rankings, a demonstration of the
university’s high academic quality and the global recognition
it has gained.
World-class faculty
HKUST has approximately 500 faculty members, all holding
doctorates. Senior faculty members of the University have
taught at leading research universities around the world,
or served in equivalent senior posts in major industrial
laboratories. Younger members have all been recruited on
the basis of proven accomplishments and strong potential.
Student body
HKUST is coeducational, with a total enrollment of
more than 13,000 students. The university comprises five
Schools – Science, Engineering, Business and Management,
Humanities and Social Science, and the HKUST Fok Ying
Tung Graduate School. The undergraduate student body
comprises 83% domestic students and 17% equally split
between students from Mainland China and overseas. With
approximately 400 exchange students passing through
HKUST every term, you really can make friends with people
from around the world.
World-class research facilities
HKUST is actively creating the knowledge and advanced
technologies that will sustain local, regional and
international development in the 21st century. Research
facilities that are unique in the region include an
environmental wind/wave tunnel and a geotechnical
centrifuge. Other state-of-the-art facilities are available for
conducting research in leading areas, such as microsystems,
energy and thermal systems, logistics and supply chain
management, multimedia technology, pharmaceutical
products and processing, optoelectronics and display,
advanced construction materials, electronic packaging,
advanced manufacturing, internet technology, nanoscience
and technology, among others.
My semester at HKUST has given me a
new outlook on life. I have created new
lifelong friendships, both with locals
and other exchange students. The
academic aspect of the exchange has
been fruitful, and I may come back to
do research later.
Martine, University of Bergen
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