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Beautiful trails and beaches
Sai Kung is endowed with great natural beauty. The area is
host to a number of outstanding hiking trails and beaches.
One trail that has consistently been popular with locals
and visitors alike is the Sai Kung Peninsula hike. It winds
round the Sai Kung Peninsula, passing through some of the
most scenic spots and lets you see the amazing hexagonal
volcanic columns of High Island.
Sai Kung town
Sai Kung town, 15 minutes from the HKUST campus,
boasts a number of great eateries, including seafood
restaurants, western restaurants and bars.
The area began as a market town where fishermen and
villagers gathered. Today, the Sai Kung Pier is used as a
typhoon shelter. Visitors can conveniently hire sampans or
boats or go on tours around the outlying islands nearby.
Outlying islands
You can head out to one of the 70 outlying islands
in the Sai Kung area. One such island is Yim Tin Tsai.
The island was first settled by Hakka people in the 19th
century, with the early settlers mostly engaged in sea
salt farming. Home to around 1,000 villagers at its peak
more than three decades ago, the island has since been
abandoned, as inhabitants moved to urban areas. One
of the main attractions on the island is St. Joseph’s
Chapel, a beautifully restored Catholic chapel first
inaugurated in 1890, which won an Award of Merit at
the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards. Yim Tin Tsai
is also home to many mangrove species. Ferry services
are available from the Sai Kung Pier.
I love the outdoors, nature and
photography. Luckily, Hong Kong
offers opportunities for all of them
in fairly close proximity. I also like
the ability to travel freely and change
destinations with ease. It is a great
experience to not know what the next
day will bring or who you will meet.
Thomas, Missouri University of Science and Technology
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