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Microeconometrics has been one of the most active
research areas in economics in the recent decades, with
significant furtherance in identifying, estimating and testing
various microeconometric models. The IAS Workshop on
Advances in Microeconometrics held on 23-24 May 2014
brought together some of the most prominent researchers
to discuss recent research advancements in the field.
IAS Senior Fellow and Chair Professor of Economics
Songnian Chen co-organized the workshop with Prof
Andrew Chesher from University College London and Prof
Hidehiko Ichimura from the University of Tokyo. In addition
to invited speakers from these institutions, the two-day
intensive workshop also attracted participants from
Singapore, South Korea and the United States. While the
theories and techniques such as Bayes’s law, regression
models and generalized method of moments have
emerged for years or decades, the economists have
managed to draw new simulations, perform data analysis to
separate information and develop new estimation methods
to correct biases and minimize errors. Inspirational results of
such research were shared among the participants. Their
applications are useful for developing models to study
economic growth, wage inequality, decisions on market
entry, etc.
To elevate the research atmosphere among the HKUST community, IAS
organizes Focused Programs during term time. The IAS Focused Program
aims to provide the opportunity for in-depth discussions in particular
research topics. The first IAS Focused Program on Computational and
Experimental Immunology was held on 12-15 May 2014.
The development in biomedical
technologies over the past few
years has enabled researchers to
gather large quantities of
biological data. The
advancement in computational
algorithms and the availability of
high performance computing
resources make it possible to
process such large quantities of
data. This has opened up new
opportunities for researchers to look at the pressing problems in complex
biological systems in general and immunological systems in particular from
a computational perspective.
Led by Prof I-Ming Hsing, Head of Division of Biomedical Engineering and
Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at HKUST; Prof Arup K.
Chakraborty, IAS Visiting Professor from MIT; and the local organizing
committee involving HKUST professors, this 4-day program brought
together researchers and leading experts in the field of computational
immunology to stimulate intellectual discussion on topics of mutual
interests and explore possible avenues of collaboration.
IAS Focused Program on
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