IAS Newsletter – Sep 2014 - page 16-17

Rapidly growing experimental and theoretical efforts in cold
atoms research have been taking place in Asia in recent
years. In particular, experiments with ultracold atoms are
important for scientists to understand quantum phase
transition and simulate quantum state of matter that are
difficult to realize in solid state materials. This IAS program
covered the most exciting topics in the field and ideated
the major research directions for the years ahead.
The five-day program (23-27 June 2014) comprised a
summer school and a mini workshop. Lectures incorporating
basic knowledge of the hot topics were delivered in the
mornings, while seminars related to specific sub-fields were
held in the afternoons. In between, there were ample
brainstorming discussions which facilitated free exchange of
ideas. Led by Prof Jason Ho, IAS Senior Visiting Fellow from
the Ohio State University, the program featured local
experts from HKUST, the University of Hong Kong and the
Chinese University of Hong Kong. Invited speakers from
Rutgers University and Tsinghua University also shared their
latest research outcomes.
The Gordon Research Conferences (GRC) were initiated by Dr Neil E. Gordon, of the Johns Hopkins University, who
recognized in the late 1920s the difficulty in establishing good and direct communication between scientists, whether
working in the same subject area or in interdisciplinary research. These Conferences promote discussions and the free
exchange of ideas at the research frontiers of the biological, chemical and physical sciences. Scientists with common
professional interests come together for a full week of intense discussion and examination of the most advanced
aspects of their field. These Conferences also provide a valuable means of disseminating information and ideas in a
way that cannot be achieved through the usual channels of communication – publications and presentations at large
scientific meetings.
A series of 2-day meetings, Gordon Research Seminar (GRS), would also be
organized by graduate students and post-docs with the support of leading
scientists from an associated GRC. This aims to bring young scientists together
to discuss their current research and build informal networks with their peers
that may lead to a lifetime of collaboration and scientific achievements.
In 2014, four GRCs and one GRS organized by the Gordon Research
Conferences with IAS as local partner in Hong Kong were held. They cover
“Hybrid Electronic & Photonic Materials and Phenomena”, “Molecular &
Cellular Neurobiology”, “Genomic Instability” and “Advanced Materials for
Sustainable Infrastructure Development”. Around 600 academics and graduate
students participated and the majority of them were non-locals.
Event Highlights
Event Highlights
Sep 2014
Sep 2014
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