IAS Newsletter - May 2014 - page 12-13

Event Highlights
The one-day workshop consists of five talks on emerging
applications of modern control theory and applications.
The emerging control applications discussed include
smart grid, smart transportation systems, networked
control systems, financial engineering, complex
dynamical systems and unmanned aerial vehicles. Each
of the aforementioned applications involves integration
of control theory with other theories such as information
theory, networking theory, communication theory, etc., to
various degrees. Led by Prof Li Qiu and Prof Ling Shi
from Department of Electronic and Computer
Engineering, five experts including IAS Visiting Professor
Pravin Varaiya (UC Berkeley) and IAS Affiliate Member
Prof Xiren Cao shared their recent research and
development in these frontiers of control theory and their
views on the future research directions. Close to 40
people attended the workshop.
Topological matters are gapped in the bulk and
support topologically protected gapless boundary
states. The program aims to bring together experts
in the field of topological matters to discuss the
recent progress made on this field, with emphasis
on topological superconductors and Majorana
Fermions. The program was co-chaired by Prof
Patrick Lee (MIT), IAS Visiting Professor, Prof Tai Kai
Ng and Prof Kam Tuen Law from Department of
Physics. Joined by over 50 participants, the
3-week program provided ample opportunities for
work and discussions.
The IAS programs received enthusiastic feedback from
program participants:
“The IAS program was of extremely high level and very well organized -
it ranks among the top programs I have attended. ”
“It is comparable to the KITP programs in Santa Barbara and Beijing,
and the Isaac Newton programs at Cambridge, UK.”
“Overall, I had an incredible experience at HKUST. I thought the organization
was great and the scientific content was enlightening. For me, it really
showcased Hong Kong and Asian science and the HKUST campus.”
“The program at HKUST IAS had a much greater time for informal discussions,
which I think is great and very useful.”
Currently, IAS is running two other programs on Wave Functional Materials
(January – June 2014) and Particle Theory (February 2013 to December 2014).
Details can be found in the IAS website.
Participants benefit from active discussions with each other in the lectures
IAS Programs attract participants form various regions and disciplines
Prof Pattrick Lee, IAS Visiting Professor and
one of the organizers of the IAS Program on
Topological Matter. Superconductivity and
Majorana, shares his widsom in its seminar.
A group photo was
taken to signify the
opening of the
Conference on the
IAS Program on
Frontiers of Soft
Matter Physics.
Event Highlights
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