IAS Newsletter - May 2014 - page 14-15

Event Highlights
Event Highlights
Prof Xuhua He, IAS Fellow, speaks on “Representation of Finite Groups of Lie Type”
for the IAS Program on Special Cycles and p-adic L-functions.
IAS Programs are held at the
IAS Lo Ka Chung Building,
offering ample space and
opportunities for productive
interactions and discussions.
What is IAS Program?
IAS Program is a topical research program frequently held in winter and summer times
at the IAS building. It usually consists of short courses, workshops, and in some cases
postdoc-led or postgraduate student-led discussion sessions. One to two talks are
scheduled every day to promote in-depth discussions between the speaker and
participants. Discussions of important topics may be carried on for days or even
longer. In many cases, an associated international conference is held during the
program time to benefit a much larger group of people who are unable to commit a
longer time to participate in a program. Apart from the regular fully-fledged research
programs, smaller-scale focused programs on particular topics are also organized
during the term.
Bringing this form of mind-opening learning experience to Hong Kong help nurture
our young scholars and postgraduate students to become world-class scholars and
innovative entrepreneurs for the future Hong Kong society. IAS welcomes faculties who
are interested in running an IAS Program or IAS Focused Program to share your plan
with our Director. For more details, please visit
UC RUSAL President’s Forum
Walking through the hustle and bustle of main campus atrium in the afternoon of
27 March, there you reached the UC RUSAL President’s Forum venue. Registrants
including friends and supporters of HKUST, government officials, business
representatives, faculties and students as well as a good number of walk-ins filled
the 300-seat lecture theater quickly, not to mention those who were in the
instant-broadcast room next door. At the forum, President Prof Tony F. Chan had a
profound dialogue with the guest speaker, Mr Chuanzhi Liu, Chairman of Legend
Holdings Corporation and Founder and Honorary Chairman of Lenovo. Mr Liu
shared his insights on “The Growth of China’s Manufacturers – Talking about
Legend”, and highlighted his three secrets in effective management after running
Lenovo successfully for years: to build a team; to set out strategic plans; and to
lead the team forward.
What is UC RUSAL President’s Forum?
The UC RUSAL President's Forum is organized under the
auspices of IAS and is held biannually at HKUST.
Prestigious scholars and scientists as well as successful
business leaders and entrepreneurs are invited to share
with the audience their views on varied topics including
the latest trends in science and technology and its
relationship with and impact on humankind, knowledge
transfer, entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity.
Speakers also engage in a dialogue with the HKUST
President. A list of past forums can be found from the
IAS website (
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