IAS Newsletter - May 2014 - page 16-17

List of Distinguished Lectures (Jan – Apr)
2 January 2014
“Engineering Nanocrystalline Photocatalysts” by Prof Max Lu, The University of Queensland
6 January 2014
“Plastics: A Solution to Our Energy Challenges or Just Wishful Thinking?” by Prof Stephen Forrest, University of Michigan
9 January 2014
“Chemical and Biological Microsystems – Advantages of Going Small” by Prof Klavs Jensen , Massachusetts
Institute of Technology
14 January 2014
“Complexity and Time-Reversed Waves: From Metamaterial to Medicine” by Prof Mathias Fink, École Supérieure de Physique
et de Chimie Industrielles de la Ville de Paris
20 January 2014
“Quantum Reality” by Prof Sankar Das Sarma, University of Maryland
22 January 2014
“Nanostructured Functional Hybrid Materials by Taming Radicals” by Prof Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, Carnegie Mellon University
24 January 2014
“Defects with Character: Zero-Energy Majorana Modes in Condensed-Matter Systems” by Prof Bertrand Halperin,
Harvard University
27 January 2014
“GFP: Lighting Up Life” by Prof Martin Chalfie, Columbia University; Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
14 February 2014
“Toughening Polymers and Their Fibre Composites: Whither “Nano” or “Micro”?” by Prof Yiu-Wing Mai, The University of
Sydney and HKUST IAS
18 February 2014
“Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene for Soft Electronics” by Prof Young Hee Lee, Sungkyunkwan University
20 February 2014
“Photoelectric Effect – A Century of Scientific Discovery” by Prof Zhi-Xun Shen, Stanford University
24 February 2014
“The Body Shop” by Prof Kristi Anseth, University of Colorado at Boulder
26 February 2014
“Aerial Robot Swarms” by Prof Vijay Kumar, University of Pennsylvania
31 March 2014
“California and the Personal Economy” by Sir Michael Moritz, Chairman of Sequoia Capital
1 April 2014
“Controlling Light and Microflows to Create Functional Particles” by Prof Patrick Doyle, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
14 April 2014
“The Recurring Challenge of Particulate Air Pollution” by Prof Richard C. Flagan, California Institute of Technology
22 April 2014
“Omlet: A Platform for a Programmable Open Mobile Internet (POMI)” by Prof Monica S. Lam, Stanford University
List of School Level / Public Lectures (Jan – Apr)
21 January 2014
“Atomic – Continuum Coupled Model and Its Algorithm for the Dynamic Behaviors of Metallic Micro-Nano Device” by Prof
Junzhi Cui, Chinese Academy of Sciences
23 January 2014
“Organ Development and Regeneration in Zebrafish” by Prof Didier Stainier, Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research
27 January 2014
“Synthesis of Chiral Allylboron and Enolborane Reagents via Allene and Acrylamide Hydroboration Reactions, and Applications
to the Synthesis of Natural Products” by Prof William Roush, The Scripps Research Institute – Scripps Florida
10 February 2014
“Atomtronics: An Ultracold Matter Analog of Electronics” by Prof Dana Anderson, University of Colorado at Boulder
18 March 2014
“Raman Spectroscopy of Graphene and Nanotubes” by Prof Riichiro Saito, Tohoku University
20 March 2014
“Recent Development of High Strength and High Ductility Nanostructured Materials for Light Weight Structures through
Advanced Design” by Prof Jian Lu, City University of Hong Kong
20 March 2014
“Stratification and Mobility in Multiple Generations” by Prof Robert Mare, University of California at Los Angeles
24 March 2014
“Challenging (and maybe Transforming) Capitalism through Real Utopias” by Prof Erik Olin Wright, University of
24 March 2014
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17 April 2014
“In Situ Studies of Surface Reactions” by Prof Hans-Peter Steinrück, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
30 April 2014
“Our Whole Universe from Nothing” by Prof Henry Tye, HKUST Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study
Event Highlights
Event Highlights
What are IAS Distinguished Lectures &
Joint School Lectures?
Working hand in hand with the schools and faculties,
IAS supports and organizes visits of distinguished
scholars to deliver lectures at HKUST to stimulate
new thinking and research directions and inspire
students. The talk usually lasts from one to two
hours on a weekday afternoon during term time to
encourage participation from the local academic
Nurturing Young Researchers
IAS is committed to nurturing young researchers
and is currently providing support to the Clear
Water Bay Young Scholar Club (CYSC). CYSC has
been launched to provide a platform for young
scholars in HKUST to learn how to advance at their
early stage of academic careers. With the
established IAS networks, IAS supports CYSC in
inviting local and overseas speakers from different
background to share their research experience in
the monthly seminar.
Prof Bertrand Halperin, Hollis Professor of Mathematics and
Natural Philosophy and Professor of Physics, Harvard University,
gives a Distinguished Lecture on Defects with Character:
Zero-Energy Majorana Modes in Condensed-Matter Systems on
24 January 2014.
MAY 2014
MAY 2014
Distinguished Lectures &
Joint School Lectures
If you are within the HKUST family, you should have
heard of the lectures organized by IAS. Between
January and April 2014, IAS organized 17
Distinguished Lectures and 11 School Level / Public
Lectures. The lectures, covering a broad range of
topics from various disciplines, attracted a good
number of attendances from the local academic
community. These activities provide a vibrant and
exciting environment to nurture homegrown talents.
Take a look at the list below, and see if you have
attended any of them. Missed one or more you have
wanted to attend? Look up for the video recordings
in the IAS Channel (
1,2-3,4-5,6-7,8-9,10-11,12-13,14-15 18-19,20
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