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IAS Visiting
Professor Shuji
Nobel Prize
IAS congratulates its Visiting Professor Shuji Nakamura
on being selected as one of the three laureates of the
2014 Nobel Prize in Physics by the Royal Swedish
Academy of Sciences. Prof Nakamura was awarded for
“the invention of efficient blue light-emitting diodes
which has enabled bright and energy-saving white light
Honored as the “Father of blue LED”, Prof Nakamura is widely
recognized as pioneer in light emitters based on wide-bandgap
semiconductors. He invented the first high brightness GaN LED
whose brilliant blue light is (when partially converted to yellow by
a phosphor coating) the key to white LED lighting, and which
went into production in 1993. With blue LED, long-lasting white
light can be created in a more efficient, environmental friendly
and cheaper way which indicates a revolution in the illumination
Prof Shuji Nakamura receiving the Nobel Prize at
the Stockholm Concert Hall in the 2014 Prize Award Ceremony.
© Nobel Media AB Photo: Alexander Mahmoud
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