IAS Newsletter - Feb 2015 - page 14

It was the second year IAS collaborated with the School of Humanities and
Social Science and the Division of Humanities in the IAS Program on Chinese
Creative Writing. During the Fall term of 2014, renowned Chinese writers
and literary scholars participated in a series of activities. Mr Xingjian Gao,
the first Chinese Nobel Laureate in Literature, visited HKUST in October. In
addition to an international workshop to discuss Mr Gao’s literary works and
a screening of his rock musical “Of Mountains and Seas”, he also had a
profound dialogue with IAS Senior Visiting Fellow Zaifu Liu. In November,
two other talks were given by three-time winner of Lu Xun Literary Prize
Zijian Chi and the 2014 Franz Kafka prizewinner Lianke Yan, who also joined
our program in 2013.
IAS Program on
Chinese Creative Writing
Event Highlights
Feb 2015
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