IAS Newsletter - Feb 2015 - page 15

A focused program on Neural Engineering consisting of a
5-day short course and a 4-day focused program was held
on 3-13 November 2014. Taught by Prof Tom Daniel, IAS
Senior Visiting Fellow from University of Washington, the
intensive short course acted as a foundation to introduce
the emerging research domain of neural engineering. The
following focused program co-led by Prof Daniel and Prof
I-Ming Hsing, Head of Division of Biomedical Engineering
and Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at
HKUST, lined up experts of various sub-disciplines from
North America and Asia to brainstorm, interact and
discuss cutting-edge research topics in the discipline. The
breakout sessions on the last day were the key to stimulate
future collaborations between the universities on the
advancement of neural engineering.
Neural Engineering is a new discipline interfacing between
neurobiology, engineering and physical sciences. This area
creates working opportunities for engineers and scientists
to address issues in the brain that were considered too
difficult to comprehend. Neural engineering offers
promises to fight neurodegenerative diseases with devices
and it lays foundations for many great engineering
applications using bio-inspired engineering principles.
Feb 2015
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