IAS Newsletter - Feb 2015 - page 16

IAS held a focused program on Scattering Amplitudes in
Hong Kong on 17-21 November 2014 which was the first
major workshop in Asia devoted to recent advances in
scattering amplitudes in quantum field theory.
Attended by over 50 overseas participants from US, Europe,
Korea, Mainland China and Taiwan, the program served as
an excellent platform for more than 30 speakers delivering
talks in topics in new perturbative approaches such as
generalized unitarity, recursion relations, symbols, differential
equations, twistor variables, integrability methods and the
operator product expansion (OPE), scattering equations,
the amplituhedron and the positive Grassmannian,
color-kinematics duality and gravity double-copy properties,
etc. These ideas have led to substantial progress, not only in
supersymmetric gauge and gravity theories, but also in the
ability to perform difficult phenomenologically relevant
calculations for Large Hadron Collider (LHC) physics.
Attracted around 100 attendees, the IAS Distinguished
Lecture incorporated in the program given by Prof Nima
Arkani-Hamed, Professor of School of Natural Sciences,
Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, entitled
“Spacetime, Quantum Mechanics and Scattering
Amplitudes” was the highlight of the program. With an aim
of introducing the topic of scattering amplitudes to a new
young generation of young theorists in Asia, the 5-day
program has fulfilled its mission and benefited both the local
and non-local scientific communities.
Event Highlights
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