IAS Newsletter - Feb 2015 - page 17

Bio-inspired engineering seeks sustainable solutions by emulating
nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. This new big engineering
combines the disciplines of biology and technology or other fields of
innovation with the goal of solving practical problems through the
abstraction, transfer, and application of knowledge gained from biological
systems by interdisciplinary cooperation. To initiate in-depth discussion,
a focused program on Bio-inspired Flight System and Bio-inspired
Autonomous System was held at IAS from 24 November to 3 December
An introductory 5-day short course taught by Prof Hao Liu, IAS Visiting
Fellow from Chiba University first opened participants’ minds to integrate
different aspects of biology, computing, mechanical, and aeronautical
engineering to formulate the basis of bio-inspired engineering. The latter
3-day focused program featuring both local professors and researchers
from US, India, Japan and Mainland China inspired the developments of
mechanisms and applications through fruitful talks, active discussions and
knowledge exchanges.
Event Highlights
Feb 2015
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