IAS Newsletter - Feb 2015 - page 21

IAS co-organized a program on the Future of
High Energy Physics from 5-30 January 2015
together with the Center for Future High Energy
Physics (CFHEP) and Institute of High Energy
Physics (IHEP) of the Chinese Academy of
Sciences (CAS). As part of the program, a 4-day
conference was held on 19-22 January 2015 to
encourage more intensive and dynamic
Attended by more than 100 participants from
institutions in US, Europe, India, Japan, Korea,
Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, the program served as
an excellent platform for theorists, experimentalists and
accelerator physicists to exchange information and stimulating
thoughts. Highlights of the program include the IAS
Distinguished Lecture incorporated to the program given by Prof
Yifang Wang, Director of IHEP, CAS as well as a summary talk
given by Prof Nima Arkani-Hamed of Institute for Advanced
Study at Princeton and Director of CFHEP.
Upon completion of the program with over 50 talks and 2 panel
sessions in the conference, white papers documenting the
physics goals and options of future colliders, and the reach of the
related experiments will be released to the particle physics
community. A pre-Conceptual Design Report on the Circular
Electron-Positron Collider and the Super Proton-Proton Collider
will be completed by early February. Many participants of this
program, including a group from HKUST, will contribute to its
Event Highlights
Feb 2015
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