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Wastewater treatment has been practiced for a century in
which the activated sludge technology plays the major role
of protecting the water environment and offering an
alternative water resource for reuse and recycle. With the
growing concern around climate change, and given the
increase in global population, and fast urbanization in
emerging countries and particularly countries in Asia, new
ideas, concepts and approaches to wastewater management
are essential for global sustainable development. These new
ideas, concepts and approaches to wastewater management
must be directed towards energy, water and resources
recovery, and space saving.
As one of the four global
centennial celebration
events for the birth of
activated sludge in 1914,
the symposium on
“Activated Sludge - Past
and Next 100 Years” was
held at IAS on 26-28
August 2014 in collaboration with the International Water
Association, Drainage Services Department of the HKSAR
Government, Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan and many other
supporting bodies in Hong Kong and the region including
Singapore’s Public Utilities Board and Japan Sewage Works
Agency. Led by Prof Guang-Hao Chen, Professor of Civil
and Environmental Engineering of HKUST, the 3-day
symposium featured 18 leading experts to review the past
developments on activated sludge-based technologies and
share their thoughts and experiences in developing future
systems and technologies for the region, and for the world.
The symposium attracted around 130 attendees.
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