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Sir Chris interacting with students after delivering an IAS Commons talk on "The New Normal in China: Lessons from Europe" on 29 Sep 2014.
one that dominates in the approval of large-scale
investments. They tend to avoid taking large risks,
which might inhibit the growth of more modern
technologies that can successfully compete
What is your impression on Hong Kong students?
Hong Kong students are very motivated and serious
in their studies. I am impressed that they are really
interested in learning, not just to pass the exams. I
enjoyed interacting with them in lectures and talks.
They are keen to understand how things work. I
always get along well with Chinese students since
many of my students in London are from Asia. They
are more willing to devote time to study and seize
every chance to ask questions. That is why the
average performance of Chinese students is always
better than that of European students.
How do you see IAS’s role on nurturing young
With the beautiful surroundings here, IAS has
provided a comfortable and conducive environment
for students to work and interact with faculty
members. This place, the facilities that it offers and
its environment, are as close as one hopes to get
to perfection for researchers and students wishing
to learn.
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Feb 2015
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