IAS Newsletter - May 2015 - page 14

Prominent researchers in Statistics, Computer Science, and
Applied Mathematics from UK, US, Israel, Japan, Mainland
China, Taiwan and Hong Kong with interests in big data,
including Prof Michael Goldberg from Columbia University
and Prof Sethu Vijayakumar from University of Edinburgh
as the keynote speakers, congregated to deliver 21 talks
and hold a panel discussion. To welcome a wider
audience, Prof Vijayakumar gave an IAS Joint School
Lecture entitled “Robots that Learn: Harnessing Advances
in Machine Learning for Smart Actuation” to explore the
scientific challenges in robotics and demonstrate the
prosthetic device.
Understanding the brain is one of the greatest challenges
in this century. In the past few decades, there were great
advances in probing the neural systems. Theoretical
models of the neural system have also gone a long way.
Recently there is a rising impact of computational
neuroscience in the domain of embodied artificial
intelligence (AI), ranging from autonomous robotic systems,
prosthetics and exoskeletons. To explore more
applications, a focused program on Computational
Neuroscience: A Bridge to Artificial Intelligence was held
on 13-17 April 2015.
IAS Focused Program on
Computational Neuroscience:
A Bridge to
Artificial Intelligence
Event Highlights
May 2015
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