IAS Newsletter - May 2015 - page 17

With the growing availability of large, unstructured and
complex datasets in a range of critical areas of human
activity (health, finance, business, social science,
entertainment, sports, etc.) both online and offline, the
task of collecting, organizing, and analyzing big data has
emerged as an exciting challenge, requiring applications
of methodologies from diverse disciplines. At HKUST,
experts from various schools have worked in the specific
aspects of the processing, management, visualization,
modeling, analyzing and interpretation of large and
complex datasets. As the University’s premier platform
for promotion of cross-disciplinary interaction and
collaboration, IAS introduces the IAS Seminar Series on
Big Data, to bring distinguished researchers from
academia and industry to share their knowledge and
expertise with our faculty members and students, and
develop synergy and novel research strategies to meet
big data challenges.
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