IAS Newsletter - May 2015 - page 18

Collaborating with the School of Humanities and Social Science, IAS was
pleased to be one of the hosts again for the annual musical program
“The Intimacy of Creativity” which ran from 20 April to 3 May 2015. This
was the fifth year of the event. Led by IAS Visiting Professor Bright Sheng
from University of Michigan as the Artistic Director, six talented composer
fellows from US, Netherlands, Mainland China and Hong Kong were
selected to interpret and revise their chamber music compositions.
Open discussions between the composers and the performers were
held at IAS. The revised compositions were formally presented by
internationally-acclaimed artists at preview concerts in HKUST and
world premiere concerts at the Hong Kong City Hall Theatre.
In addition to musical performances, Prof Sheng also led two lunchtime
lectures at IAS with Aaron Jay Kernis, the winner of the Pulitzer Prize and
the Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition and Tianwa Yang,
a renowned young violinist respectively.
The Intimacy of
Creativity 2015
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May 2015
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