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Sep 2015
As the spearhead of scientific research in the region, IAS has been linking up young researchers with
senior scholars to conduct cutting-edge research. In 2015 / 2016, IAS Junior Fellows and Research
Assistant Professor successfully obtained the General Research Fund (GRF) administered by the
Research Grants Council (RGC) of the HKSAR Government, working with HKUST faculty members and
IAS Visiting Professors on research projects in Biological Sciences, Electrical & Electronic Engineering
and Physical Sciences. All GRF proposals have to go through a rigorous peer review process via the
RGC’s five subject panels supported by an international network of expert reviewers.
Research@ IAS
Raymond Louie
IAS Junior Fellow
Arup Chakraborty
Massachusetts Institute of Technology;
IAS Visiting Professor
Matthew McKay
The Hong Kong University of Science and
A Novel Statistical Inference
Framework for Big Data
Identifying Hidden Multivariate
Non-Linear Associations
Rong Ni
IAS Junior Fellow
Structural Regulation of
Nano-Cocoons from
Peptide/DNA Co-Assembly
Towards Functional Viral
Ying Chau
The Hong Kong University of Science and
Paul Schimmel
The Scripps Research Institute;
IAS Visiting Professor
Zhiwen Xu
Research Assistant
Professor of IAS
HKUST - Scripps
R&D Lab
Biology of Catalytic-Nulls of
Human Aminoacyl tRNA
Bik-Kwoon Yeung Tye
The Hong Kong University of Science and
Guang Zhu
The Hong Kong University of Science and
Yuanliang Zhai
IAS Junior Fellow
Determinant for DNA Binding
Specificity of the Origin
Recognition Complex
Kei May Lau
The Hong Kong University of Science and
Technology; IAS Senior Fellow
Xinbo Zou
IAS Junior Fellow
Horizontal III-Nitride Nanowires
Electronic and Optoelectronic
In Collaboration with
GRF Project
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