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IAS Community
Sep 2015
IAS embraces the importance of nurturing the young generation
through providing a platform for active interactions with top scholars
and experts. On 25 June 2015, a buffet lunch gathering was held at
IAS 5/F lounge where IAS Visiting Professor Patrick Lee from
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Prof Charles Kane from the
University of Pennsylvania (both are Dirac medalists) and IAS
Executive Director Prof Che Ting Chan met and mingled with 15
physics students.
Coordinated by Prof Vic Law and Prof Rolf Lortz of the Department of
Physics at HKUST, 11 undergraduate students from the HKUST elite
“International Research Enrichment (IRE) Program” and 4 postgraduate
students attended the gathering. Under a welcoming ambiance and
joyful mood, the students were very much enlightened by the sharing
of the three professors.
Young Talents
(1st from left) Prof Che Ting Chan, (4th, 5th and 6th from left on the back row) Prof Rolf Lortz, Prof Charles Kane, Prof Patrick Lee and
(1st from right) Prof Vic Law had a wonderful time with the group of HKUST elite students.
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