IAS Newsletter - Sep 2015 - page 18

Event Highlights
Sep 2015
Being one of the global incubators of scientific
breakthroughs and intellectual leaders, IAS is
keen to develop collaborations with top-notch
institutes all over the world. On 4-5 June 2015,
IAS co-organized the TUM-HKUST IAS Workshop
on Blue Water Green Environment for Smart Cities
with the Institute for Advanced Study of
Technische Universität München (TUM-IAS) from
Germany which was the second workshop of a
collaborative workshop series on Water Research for
Sustainable Water Infrastructure and Climate Change,
in the framework of the Strategic Partnership between
With the arising awareness of water problem and climate
change, this workshop aimed to integrate different fields
of research in water and climate related topics for better
understanding of the problem and seeking for solutions.
Experts specialized in biology, engineering, chemistry and
hydraulics from TUM and HKUST gathered to deliver 15
talks on fluid mechanics and hydraulics, new water supply
and treatment systems, materials and instruments,
environmental chemistry and biological and ecological
responses to the water problems. Tours to HKUST laboratories
were also arranged to showcase the facilities for different water
researches on campus. Over 50 participants, including engineers
and waterworks chemists from the HKSAR Government, attended
the workshop to explore more sustainable ways in water resources
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