IAS Newsletter - Sep 2015 - page 19

Event Highlights
Sep 2015
As a unique academic platform to support new research initiatives,
IAS organized a symposium on Aero/Fluid Dynamics and Acoustics,
a multidisciplinary topic on which our faculty members have recently
focused. About 50 scientists and engineers interested in the recent
development and innovation in aerodynamics, complex fluid
dynamics and acoustic research gathered on 5 June 2015 to discuss
about the latest trends in the field.
Invited speakers including Prof Alexander Smits from Princeton
University, Prof Sanjiva Lele from Stanford University and six local
experts from HKUST and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
shared their research findings at the symposium. Topics on
turbulence flows at high Reynolds number, shock-turbulence
interactions, aero-elastic coupling, direct numerical modeling,
aero-acoustics and flow controls were covered.
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