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Event Highlights
Sep 2015
In addition to IAS events,
the modern and well-equipped facilities at Lo Ka Chung
Building shape an ideal venue for activities and functions of other departments and units of the
University. With a 200-seat lecture theater, an open auditorium, three seminar rooms and a conference
room, IAS has hosted various functions including international forums, concerts and ceremonies, such as:
To know more about IAS facilities, please visit
The 8th Asian Conference on Applied
(Theme: Labor Economics)
Organizer: HKUST Institute for Emerging Market
Date: 28 - 29 Nov 2014
The 7th Chief Information Officers and
5th Education and Research Technology Forum
Organizers: HKUST in collaboration with the
Association of Pacific Rim Universities
Date: 27 - 31 Jan 2015
Research in Industrial Projects for Students
Organizers: Department of Mathematics in
collaboration with the Institute of Pure and Applied
Mathematics, University of California at Los Angeles
Date: 11 Jun 2014
The 5th Unilever-RSC International Symposium
on Functional Materials Science
Organizers: Department of Chemistry in
collaboration with the Royal Society of Chemistry
Date: 15 Sep 2014
Hong Kong Inter-University Postgraduate
Symposium on Life Science 2015
Organizer: Division of Life Science
Date: 21 - 26 May 2015
The Intimacy of Creativity 2015
Organizer: School of Humanities and Social Science
Date: 19 Apr - 4 May 2015
The Croucher Foundation Advanced Study
Institute: Toward A NewGeneration of
Dynamic Network Models
Organizer: Department of Civil and
Environmental Engineering
Date: 17 - 20 Nov 2014
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