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Sep 2015
Discovering Invisibility
Last year, Prof Uhlman taught a mini course
on Multiwave Imaging. In Fall 2015, he will
be co-hosting an IAS Workshop on Inverse
Problems, Imaging and PDEs (Partial
Differential Equations) with Prof Gang Bao
from Zhejiang University. Details of the
workshop are available at
How do you see HKUST IAS’s role in Hong Kong,
China or even Asia’s scientific development,
particularly in mathematics? Do you have any
advice to HKUST students in the pursuit of
IAS is already a leader among scientific institutions
in Asia and will become one of the best
mathematical institutions in the world for sure.
This is already happening. We see so many scholars
coming to give interesting talks and lectures in
mathematics and many other subjects.
My advice to students is not to believe in people
who tell you that something is impossible. The
major breakthroughs in science have always proven
the naysayers wrong.
Prof Uhlmann shared his insights on cloaking in an IAS Commons talk on “Inverse Problems and Harry Potter's Cloak” held last year.
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