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What’s Happening in Hong Kong? ࠰ಥ߅Ҧݺਗ

                          Fun in Spring Science Activities ݆˚߅ኪλືͦ
                          Any plans for this Spring? Check out these science activities!
 Science Focus Issue 019, 2021    計劃好這個春天的好去處了嗎?不妨考慮以下活動!

 What’s Happening in Hong Kong? 香港科技活動  Science in History 昔日科學
                          Conservation Laboratory–                  Did you know that artefact restoration requires the
 Conservation Laboratory –    1   A History of Plasmids: From Discovery to Application   13   marriage of traditional Chinese craft techniques and
 Unlocking the Secrets of Artefact Conservation   質粒的歷史:從發現到應用  Unlocking the Secrets of    advanced technology? The Hong Kong Science Museum
 文物修復實驗室 — 透視文物修復的內裏乾坤    Artefact Conservation                 has kept the "Conservation Laboratory", a part of the
 Robots – The 500-Year Quest to Make Machines Human  Science Today 今日科學  ˖يࡌూྼ᜕܃ {    exhibition "The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Unlocking
 機械人的五百年                                                        the Secrets – The Science of Conservation at The Palace
 Extending Equal Opportunities to Contraception:   16   ீൖ˖يࡌూٙʫ㛪৻տ
 Amusing World of Science 趣味科學  Novel Male Contraceptives       Museum" in 2019. Visitors can understand more about the
 擴展兩性平等:全新的男性避孕方法                                               scientific principles and advanced analytical techniques
   Before the Froth Fades Away: Beer Froth and Its Mathematics  2   A Mysterious Maverick in Mathematics: Grigory Perelman  20   Date:   Now – February 17, 2021  behind artefact conservation through a series of
 泡沫消失之前:啤酒泡沫的數學  特立獨行的神秘數學家:Grigory Perelman  Venue:   G/F Exhibition Hall,   interactive exhibits and models.
 Cyclopamine and the One-Eyed Sheep   4   Hong Kong Science Museum
 環巴胺與單眼綿羊  Who’s Who 科言人語  Remarks: No extra fee is required for museum   有沒有想過現代的文物修復工作原來需要傳統技藝和先
 MythBusters: Black Holes   6   Q&A with HKUST Scientists   22   visitors of Permanent Exhibitions. The Science   進科技相輔相成才能達至盡善盡美?香港科學館把 2019 年
                          Museum may be temporarily closed due to the
 流言終結者:黑洞篇  科大科學家問與答      latest social distancing measures.    舉辦的「香港賽馬會呈獻系列:內裏乾坤 - 故宮文物修復展」
 Garlic Breath…and How to Deal With It?   10   ࢝ಂjу˚Ї      ϋ   ˜    ˚  中的「文物修復實驗室」保留,讓參觀人士可以透過互動展品

 蒜頭味口氣是……  Acknowledgements 特別致謝  ήᓃj࠰ಥ߅ኪ᎜ήɨ࢝ᚎᝂ                 和模型了解與文物修復相關的科學知識和檢測技術,一嘗成
                          ௪ൗj੬ண࢝ᚎᝂਞᝈɛɻʔ̤ϗ൬i                     為文物修復專家的感覺。
 Message from the Editor-in-Chief 主編的話

 Dear Readers,  親愛的讀者:
 Welcome to the latest issue of Science Focus. Many of us may   People started to design automatons since the 16th   Robots – The 500-Year
 be relieved for the passing of 2020, a year when our in-person   歡迎閱讀最新一期《科言》。不少人可能會為 2020 年的完結而  century. With advances in technology, these machines
 interaction with colleagues and students has been dramatically   鬆一口氣,因為在 2020 年我們與同事或是同學親身見面的機會並  Quest to Make Machines
 reduced.  Learning  at  home  with  online  material  requires   不多。利用網上教材在家學習對自律和積極性的要求極高,而這些  were used to replace human to perform repetitive tasks,
 tremendous discipline and self-motivation. These are also qualities   都是不少成功科學家所擁有的特質。所以,請繼續保持您在這段時  which was essential to the Industrial Revolution. The   Human
 that many successful scientists possess. Therefore, hold on to the   間得來的良好學習習慣,它們可能會對未來的您有用。  robots nowadays have a humanized appearance and
 good learning habits you have developed – they may be useful                 ዚ૛ɛٙʞϵϋ
 for years to come.   在相對孤獨的環境下工作並不是一件新鮮事,今期我們會向您  can imitate various human behaviors, such as walking,
 Working in relative isolation is not a new phenomenon. In this   訴說 Grigory Perelman 的故事,看看他如何花上數年時間獨個  jumping and smiling. The latest AI technology even
 issue, we bring you the story of Grigory Perelman, who worked   兒解構數學界其中一條最大的難題。另一方面,我們亦會聽聽葉智  allows robots to think and learn.
 in solitude for years to crack one of the biggest problems in
 mathematics. We also hear from Ivan Ip and Julie Semmelhack,   皓教授和 Julie Semmelhack 教授成為科大一員的歷程,他們的
 on their more sociable journey to faculty positions at the HKUST.   經歷中卻不乏與別人合作和交流的一環。對於喜愛從生活中找到啟  In the near future, robots may have an unprecedented
 For those of you looking for scientific inspirations and curiosities   發和趣味的您,我們特意準備了許多有趣的科學故事,包括關於能  role in the society. What expectations should we have
 around you, we bring you stories of the one-eyed sheep, beer   在細菌間傳遞的 DNA、單眼綿羊、啤酒泡沫和大蒜味口氣的文章。  for them? The exhibition “Robots – The 500-Year Quest to
 froth, garlic breath and DNA that can be passed between   我們更會以 2019 年首次公開的黑洞照片作引子,向您進一步介紹
 bacteria. Last but not least, we take a closer look at the black   Make Machines Human” will introduce you the 500-year
 hole, beyond its first image that was released in 2019.   與黑洞相關的知識。  history of the development of robots, and explore what   Date:   Now – April 14, 2021
 As always, please visit our Facebook and Instagram pages,   跟以 往 一 樣,我 們 鼓 勵 大 家 瀏 覽 我 們 的 Facebook 和  they mean to us from the artistic and scientific aspects.  Venue:   Special Exhibition Hall,
 which are frequently updated. Specific to this issue, you will find   Instagram 專頁,那裡會有最新的科學資訊和小故事。您也可以在  Hong Kong Science Museum /
 additional coverage of Ivan’s and Julie’s interviews online. Finally, I   《科言》的網頁上找到今期兩位教授的完整專訪。最後,我祝您們  online virtual tour
 wish you all a successful 2021.   在16 世紀,人們開始製造會自動運作的機械裝置。隨著技
 有一個美滿的 2021 年。                                                               Extra fee is required for this special exhibition. The
 Yours faithfully,        術的進步,這些機械裝置取代我們進行不少重覆性的工作,                          Science Museum may be temporarily closed due
 Prof. Ho Yi Mak   主編 麥晧怡教授   更是工業革命中不可或缺的元素。現代的機械裝置甚至有著                      to the latest social distancing measures, but an
 Editor-in-Chief  敬上                                                          online virtual tour is available free of charge for
                          人性化的外型,能做出人類的各種行為,例如走路、跳躍及                          this exhibition (see the QR code).
                          微笑等;最新的人工智能技術更令機械人能思考和學習。                           ࢝ಂjу˚Ї      ϋ   ˜    ˚
 Scientific Advisors 科學顧問  Student Editorial Board 學生編委  機械人未來也許會在社會上擔當著一個前所未有的角           ၣɪൈᏝኬᚎ
 Prof. Jason Chan 陳鈞傑教授  Editor-in-Chief 主編輯  Editors 編輯   Graphic Designers 設計師  色,我們又應該有著怎樣的憧憬呢?「機械人的五百年」展  ௪ൗjत௪࢝ᚎცᕘ̮ϗ൬i߅ኪ᎜̙ঐΪᏐ௰อٙ
 Prof. Pak Wo Leung 梁伯和教授  Prof. Ho Yi Mak 麥晧怡教授  Sonia Choy 蔡蒨珩  Sarah Feng 丰志潔  覽會向您介紹機械人過去 500 年的發展史,亦會從藝術和  ԣޥણ݄Ͼᅲ৾ක׳dШ߅ኪ᎜͵މ͉࢝ᚎ౤Զе൬
 Kit Kan 簡迎曦
 Bryan Siu 蕭浩延
 Prof. Yi Wang 王一教授  Managing Editor 總編輯  Henry Lau 劉以軒  Joni Tang 鄧采瑩  科學角度探討機械人對我們的意義。
 Prof. Kam Sing Wong 黃錦聖教授  Daniel Lau 劉劭行  Yasine Malki 馬建生  Cheuk Hei Tsang 曾卓希
 Chantelle Sullivan 蘇盈安
 Terrence Tai 戴煒庭
 Clara Tung 董卓衡

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