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Science Focus Issue 020, 2021

        What’s Happening in Hong Kong? 香港科技活動                  Science in History 昔日科學
           The Science Behind Pixar                       1      The Serendipitous Invention of Teflon :      13
           彼思動畫的科學秘密                                             An Appreciationof Unexpected
           Perseid Meteor Shower — August 13, 2021               欣賞不一樣的實驗結果:鐵氟龍 ​的意外發明
           英仙座流星雨 — 2021 年 8 月 13 日​
                                                               Science Today 今日科學
        Amusing World of Science 趣味科學
                                                                 A New Body Part to Keep One Salivating       16
             Helium and Why It Makes You Sound Like Mickey Mouse   2   令人「垂涎」的新發現
           氦氣​—​為何它使您的聲音像米奇老鼠                                    Vaccine Development                          18
           The Mathematics of Trust – Why We Are Generally   4   疫苗研究的發展
           Uncooperative Creatures at Our Core
           從數學看「信任」:為何人們通常不願和別人合作                                The Twin Prime Conjecture and the Polymath Project   22
           Mitochondria: So Much More Than the Powerhouses of the Cell  8   孿生質數猜想與博學者計劃
           Aerogel – An Air-Based Material and Its Exciting Properties  10
           氣凝膠​—​由空氣構成的物質及其特性                                      Acknowledgements 特別致謝

        Message from the Editor-in-Chief 主編的話

        Dear Readers,                                          親愛的讀者:
            As I write, the COVID pandemic appears to be under control
        in Hong Kong. Have you enjoyed your return to school? With the   執筆之時,本港疫情似乎已經受控。您享受回校上課的時光嗎?
        precious in-person interactions with your classmates and teachers   在能與同學和老師再一次親身見面的寶貴機會下,希望您會得到前所
        restored, I hope you are as motivated as ever to learn.  未有的學習動力。
            Mask-wearing, social-distancing and vaccination are three
        prominent elements in our fight against COVID. Perhaps you have   配戴口罩、保持社交距離和接種疫苗可能是解決疫情的終極方
        already heard much about the COVID vaccines that are being   法。您可能已經聽過很多關於可供接種肺炎疫苗的資訊。今期我們
        offered. In this issue, we delve into the history of vaccines and   會介紹疫苗的歷史和分享對疫苗作出偉大貢獻科學家的故事。在校
        share the stories of heroes who made significant contributions   本評核中,您可能努力地嘗試獲取「完美」的數據,但您有沒有想過
        in the past. Although you may strive to obtain a “perfect” set of   不太完美或意想不到的實驗結果也可以在科學上帶來極大的進展?
        data for your school-based assessments, have you ever thought
        that great scientific progress could come from not-so-perfect or   讓我們把發現鐵氟龍和新唾腺的故事娓娓道來,向大家細說這些不
        unexpected results? Let us illustrate with the discovery of Teflon   平凡的二三事。另外,如果您被我們的封面深深吸引,不妨翻閱一下
        and a new salivary gland. For those of you who are intrigued by   後頁關於孿生雙子研究的文章,那可不是一篇生物文章,而是一篇
        our cover, please check out the article on the study of twins, not in   關於數學的文章!
        biology, but in mathematics!
            We have finally reached the landmark of 1000 followers for   《科言》Instagram 的訂閱數最終達到 1000 的里程碑,謹此
        our Instagram page. Thank you very much for those of you who   感謝在社交平台與我們有過互動的各位。除了記得要「讀多啲書、
        interacted with us on our social media platforms. Do look out   飲多啲水​」,還要繼續留意我們 Instagram 定期更新的內容。最後
        for our Instagram exclusive content, which is updated regularly.   我祝大家有一個充實的暑假。希望大家在怎樣的逆境下都能自信地
        Finally, I wish you a fruitful summer and beyond. I hope we can all   說出「I’m​Fine,​Thx.」。
        boldly say “I’m Fine, Thx.”
        Yours faithfully,                                                                           主編​麥晧怡教授​
        Prof. Ho Yi Mak                                                                                      敬上

           Scientific Advisors 科學顧問                               Student Editorial Board 學生編委
           Prof. Jason Chan 陳鈞傑教授     Editor-in-Chief 主編輯         Editors 編輯                  Graphic Designers 設計師
           Prof. Ivan Ip 葉智皓教授        Prof. Ho Yi Mak 麥晧怡教授       Sonia Choy 蔡蒨珩              Tiffany Kwok 郭喬
                                                                  Kit Kan 簡迎曦
                                                                                              Charley Lam 林曉薏
           Prof. Pak Wo Leung 梁伯和教授   Managing Editor 總編輯         Henry Lau 劉以軒               Cheuk Hei Tsang 曾卓希
           Prof. Tim Leung 梁承裕教授      Daniel Lau 劉劭行              Sirius Lee 李揚
                                                                  Paolo Miguel Magallanes Mallorca
                                                                  Randy Stefan Tanuwijaya

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