UROP Proceedings 2020-21

School of Engineering Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 95 Applying "Lean" Principles to Improve Construction Productivity Supervisor: ZHANG Xueqing / CIVL Student: YIN Junyu / CIGBM Course: UROP1000, Summer This report summarises all the work that I have done for the research project ‘Applying "Lean" Principles to Improve Construction Productivity’ conducted by Prof. Zhang, Xueqing. In these six weeks of UROP project, I performed my work under the instruction of Dr. Ahmed, Rana Rab Nawaz. I have read serval literatures regarding the topic of Lean construction, value stream mapping, waste management, and graphical user interfaces and prepared summaries of them. Also, I have developed a functional user interface using Excel VBA for estimating different costs regarding the disposal of construction waste. This app will be useful for future research work: a short case study with real data.