UROP Proceedings 2020-21

School of Engineering Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering 163 Rational Design of Magnetic Devices Using Micromagnetic Simulations Supervisor: SHAO Qiming / ECE Student: CHEN Zehan / PHYS Course: UROP2100, Spring Skyrmion is a topological object in ferromagnetic systems, promising for future high-density and non-volatile memory, where the skyrmion dynamics is a major concern. As a spintronic object, skyrmion can be driven by current-induced spin orbit torque (SOT), which will also cause the skyrmion to deform. This report will discuss the deformation of current-driven skyrmions using Thiele’s approach. Rational Design of Magnetic Devices Using Micromagnetic Simulations Supervisor: SHAO Qiming / ECE Student: XING Hexiang / ELEC Course: UROP1100, Summer Spin orbit torque (SOT), an emerging technology, improves magnetic random-access memory (MRAM)’s characteristics and makes it more competitive compared to other high-speed non-volatile memories (e.g., flash memory). It will accelerate the switching speed by highly reducing the incubation time. Among various spintronic devices, multilevel SOT device is strongly competitive in memory computing (AiMC) in deep neural network (DNN) area. Its intrinsic multilevel switching behaviour provides an efficient solution for matrix computing which is crucial in AiMC. For further detailed investigation in multilevel SOT devices, I run the micromagnetic simulation of multilevel MTJ based on Mumax3 programming. Front-End Mobile Application Development for a Locomotion Robot Supervisor: SHI Ling / ECE Student: FANG Yidong / ELEC Course: UROP1100, Spring With the advent of the age of technology, more and more household appliances can be controlled by electronic control systems. In this project, we aim to develop a front-end mobile application and its user interface for users to interact with an agile locomotion robot such as a floor sweeper. We just use MySQL to store the data and use Java to transfer the data to the cloud basement. From the hardware side, we initially planned to use ESP 32 to receive the data from the floor sweeper, however, for we need to control remotely, it is not enough to rely on WIFI to transfer data, we also need SIM 4G to help transfer data, so the WIFI version of ESP32 cannot complete our requirements, so we switched to the MKR1500 board which could use 4G to send the data. Finally, we obtain the map, send it to the cloud database and could display on Android based electrical devices.