UROP Proceedings 2020-21

School of Engineering Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 181 Robotics Gripper Development for Warehouse Automation Supervisor: WANG Michael Yu / MAE Student: MA Ho Yeung / MAE Course: UROP1100, Spring To automate the warehouse object picking and sorting process, a gripper that capable to handle objects with different shapes and textures is preferred as the shapes and textures of the objects in warehouses may not be consistent. However, most of the robotics grippers nowadays are targeted to a specific shape and texture. The research team is aimed to design a new universal gripper that capable to handle objects with a wide range of shapes and textures and the fabrication method of it. To achieve that, a novel technology, geckoinspired adhesion, is applied to the design of the gripper. The targets of the project are to design an experiment equipment for the research team to experiment with the performance of the self-made geckoinspired adhesive sticker and design a mold for fabricating a suspension structure for the gecko-inspired adhesive sticker. Robotics Gripper Development for Warehouse Automation Supervisor: WANG Michael Yu / MAE Student: LEE Man Yeung / MAE Course: UROP2100, Summer To facilitate the manual transportation of small delicate objects like wafers and mobile phone glass monitors, an handheld gripper was purposed to develop to replace existing vacuum grippers. This handheld gripper makes use gecko-inspired dry adhesive material to realise agile attachment and detachment mechanism. Different prototypes were fabricated to acheieve ergonomic features and quick replacement mechanism of the adhesive material. The prototypes introduced in this report use magnets to act as energy storing structure and have different quick replacement mechanism. The performance of these prorotypes are tested, and the problems and solutions are suggested. The experience learnt from testing these prototypes can be referenced by the future designs. Digitalization of Wet Lab Project Supervisor: YANG Jinglei / MAE Student: DU Xiawei / CPEG PANG Chun Lung / MAE WANG Yucheng / SENG ZHANG Rushan / SENG Course: UROP1000, Summer UROP1000, Summer UROP1000, Summer UROP1000, Summer We worked with the WeShare Technology team this summer. Safety risks in the current chemistry laboratory have been identified through the background investigation and two field trips. A physical X-Tray system (the name of our hardware device) is designed and integrated with back-end programs and an interactable user interface. It is used to track the placement and usage of chemicals in the laboratory to lower the risk of safety accidents due to improper storage and accidental reactions between dangerous chemicals. A chemical replenishment notification function was also added to the system to enhance the convenience of laboratory users. This report is going to detailly introduce the logic and function design behind our software part and our hardware part.