UROP Proceedings 2020-21

School of Engineering Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 183 Radiative Transport in Transparent Aerogels for Solar Thermal Energy Applications Supervisor: YAO Shuhuai / MAE Student: YIP Chun Yin / MAE Course: UROP1100, Fall Solar spectrum provides unlimited potential in our life, and as building nowadays occupies more than 40% of energy nowadays, making updates to the building windows become an effective solution. Making the window itself become a supplementary energy source by absorbing the solar spectrum selectively, the problems of energy overconsuming will be solved. In this report, I, as a UG student, is helping HKUST professors to design and build this system up. There are two models currently constructed, one is fromme and one is from a research associate professor, Li Weihong, who teach me a lot. In this report, each model’s features and significance will be discussed, and a comparison will be made.