UROP Proceedings 2020-21

NG Cheuk Hei BSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology My experience in my supervisor’s lab was very fruitful under the UROP program. It enriched my understanding on protein traf cking and equipped me with relevant experimental knowledge. I joined research with the sole intention to learn and explore new elds, but during the process of exploring, what I got was way more than I had expected. In addition to the intriguing experience of learning on a given topic, I also had the opportunity to take more control by designing an experiment and exploring ideas of my own. The UROP program offered me much more than knowledge and skill - I was able to experience research rsthand and see how imagination is my only limit. NGUYEN Ha Chau BSc in Biotechnology UROP has brought the eld of research much closer to me. At the beginning, I wanted to join UROP to have a taste of research, but later I realized that research is what I want to pursue for my career. Thanks to numerous opportunities and exible requirements, I can work in a lab on a research topic of my interest without worrying which department that lab belongs to. As a Life Science student working in a Chemical and Biological Engineering lab, I feel lucky since I can balance between gaining basic Life Science knowledge and grasping the practical aspect of it. UROP has helped me form a solid foundation to continue pursuing applied biology in the future. Sharing by Students ii