UROP Proceedings 2020-21

REN Xuanchi BSc in Computer Science Thanks to UROP, I have had a great chance to work with some helpful professors and begin my rst research project on cutting-edge technology. It has been an excellent opportunity for me to learn how to select a research topic, how to review research papers, how to design and conduct experiments, and how to convert an idea into a paper. Furthermore, participating in research during undergraduate study has enabled me to understand the basics of academic research before moving onto postgraduate study. UROP has inspired me to make continuous effort in research, which is important for me to make my career decisions in the future. MAK Ting Hin BSc in Physics UROP has offered me the opportunity to gain a clearer picture on what academic research is like, by having hands-on experience under supervision in various tasks that an academic researcher would come across with, such as performing experiments, analyzing experimental results, participating in group meetings, writing reports and papers, giving presentations to different target audiences and making posters. It is also a valuable experience for me to practice essential soft skills for becoming a researcher, such as critical thinking and collaboration skills. All these experiences are very helpful to me for preparing my future research career. iii