UROP Proceedings 2020-21

Mr. Armin and Mrs. Lillian Kitchell Undergraduate Research Award 2021 v List of Awardees Champion MAK Ting Hin Major / Year: PHYS-IRE / 3 Supervised by: JO Gyu Boong / PHYS Project Title: Machine Learning Aided Detection of the Quantum State in an Atomic Quantum Simulator First Runner-up CHEN Yijia Major / Year: COSC / 3 Supervised by: CHAU Kevin / ECE Project Title: A Real-Time Wavelet-Based Algorithm for Improving Speech Intelligibility First Runner-up & Best Poster Award REN Xuanchi Major / Year: COSC / 4 Supervised by: CHEN Qifeng / CSE Project Title: Self-supervised Dance Video Synthesis Conditioned on Music