UROP Proceedings 2020-21

School of Engineering Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering 81 Nucleic Acid Delivery by Self-Assembled Nanocarrier Supervisor: CHAU Ying / CBE Student: CHANG Cheuk Yan Atta / BIEN Course: UROP2100, Summer mRNA delivery has been a hot research topic. It is seen as a potential treatment method and its effectiveness is still being explored. As mRNA are prone to degradation and are hard to enter and transfect cells on their own, delivery systems are needed to protect them and assist their entrance to a person’s cells in order to exert therapeutic effects. Current mRNA delivery is commonly using lipid-based or viral-based materials as nanocarriers. Their applications are limited due to immunogenicity and storage concerns. This study aims to explore the potential of peptide-mRNA delivery, by looking into the transfection efficiency and the stability based on a previously discovered short peptide, H10 (Fmoc-PKKKRKVG-HHHH-C12-CStBuHHCStBuCStBuHHCStBuGSPHHD-amide). Ultrasound-Triggered Drug/Gene Release from Self-Assembling Carriers Supervisor: CHAU Ying / CBE Student: SI Mingxuan / BIEN Course: UROP1000, Summer Artificial membraneless organelles (AMOs) have been constructed by the self-assembly of polypeptide, called intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs). By liquid-liquid phase separation, droplets are formed. These droplets are able to contain DNAs, RNAs, and proteins and are sensitive to environmental stimuli such as temperature, pH, or ultrasound trigger. We investigated the partition of DNA inside the droplets by using Pico-green, a DNA quantification assay. Moreover, we demonstrated the effect of using ultrasound on the droplet size and the potential that the droplets release their cargos. Droplets with smaller sizes are found in the ultrasound-treated samples. We anticipate releasing the cargos inside the droplets in a controllable manner using ultrasound. Cloud-Based Problem and Solution Sharing Platform for Injection Molding Supervisor: GAO Furong / CBE Student: CHEN Duoli / CENG Course: UROP1100, Fall The unbalance in talents and demands is a serious problem encountered in injection molding industry. Therefore, this project aims at developing a cloud platform which can be utilized by users in the form of WeChat mini-app. Embedded in the most popular and convenient media in China of WeChat, the platform enables the recommendation and matching of technicians and factories through quests and contributes to easier communication in between, saving much trouble and enhancing the efficiency of the industry. It also provides an approach of data collection for the future investigation and comprehensive learning on defects fixing and injection molding machine adjustment.