HKUST PG Programs 2023-24 for School of Engineering

10 Facilities The Department has excellent facilities to support its programs and is committed to keeping its computing facilities up-to-date. There are about 700 workstations and PCs, including those in four teaching laboratories, three MS Windows Labs and one Linux lab. The Department also runs several research laboratories with specific facilities, including the computer engineering, database, Human-Computer Interaction Initiative, vision and graphics labs. Specialized project laboratories include: • The HCI lab, has large-sized multi-touch wall display and table linked with various physiological sensors for gesture/ body tracking, and programmable interactive robots; • The Human Language Technology Center, with various corpora and a Linux cluster; • The System and Media Laboratory, partially funded by Deutsche Telekom, focusing mobile computing and any interesting topics related to social network, virtual reality and augmented reality; and • The Networking group that maintains different sets of network cluster interconnected with high speed optical connections for Data center and cloud computing research; and • Different research groups maintain their own CPU/ GPU cluster customized for different research need. In addition, the Department manages a pool of Linux servers as CPU/ GPU cluster for general research projects demanding significant system resources, and acquires a GPU cluster for the whole University. The file servers are connected with one HDS. VPS G200 and one HDS HUS110 Storage Area Network (SAN) system, with a total capacity of more than 150TB. There is also a pool of high performance servers with GPUs and interconnected with 10GbE switches dedicated for undergraduate courses on parallel computing, Big Data analysis and cloud computing. We also have a private cloud infrastructure for teaching and projects.