HKUST PG Programs 2023-24 for School of Engineering

School of SCIENCE 12 Biomedical Engineering (BME) Medical Imaging, Biomedical Opt ics and Biophotonics , Neuroengineer ing, Medical Elec tronics, Bioinformat ics/ Computational Biology, Biosignal Processing, Biomedical Microdevices and BioMEMS. Control and Robotic Systems (CRS) Control and robotic systems theory, optimization theory, detection and estimation, networked sensing and control, and their applications in next-generation industry robots, multi-agent systems, manufacturing automation, aeronautical and aerospace systems, autonomous vehicles, energy systems, intelligent transportation, medical and healthcare systems. Data Science and AI (DSAI) Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Speech and Language Processing, Financial Analy t ics, Computat ional Biology, Bioinformatics, Neural Engineering, Deep Learning, and Signal Processing. Integrated Circuits and Systems (ICS) All aspects of today’s integrated circuits and systems and systemon-chip as well as embedded systems solutions. This research stream covers Control and Optimization (including system and control theory, optimization theory, detection and estimation, multi-agent systems, networked sensing and control), Robotics and Automation (including mechatronics, and autonomous systems). Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering Research Foci