HKUST PG Programs 2023-24 for School of Engineering

School of SCIENCE 16 Department of Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics Operations Research and Decision Analytics Stochastic analysis and simulation, optimization (linear, convex, robust, stochastic), statistical and machine learning, game theory, with applications in supply chain management (manufacturing, inventory, and logistics), revenue management, and healthcare management. Financial Engineering and Technology Quant i tat i ve f inance and stochast ic model ing, derivative pricing, investment technology and portfolio management, risk analysis, financial data analysis, cryptocurrency and blockchain analysis, and machine learning in finance. Engineering Management Design and manufactur ing, human factors and ergonomics, biomechanics, cognitive decision and functional brain studies, virtual reality, and industry 4.0. Research Foci The Department is well equipped with modern and upto-date laboratories for teaching and research purposes. Relevant central facil ities include the Design & Manufacturing Ser vices Facility (DMSF) and High Performance Computing Clusters (HPC). Facilities