HKUST PG Programs 2023-24 for School of Engineering

17 Enquiries MPhil and PhD Programs T: (852) 2358 7100 MSc in Engineering T: (852) 2358 6953 Enterprise Management MSc in Financial Technology T: (852) 2358 8987 / (852) 2358 6831 Master of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics The MPhil program focuses on strengthening students’ knowledge in their chosen area of concentration, and training for engineering research and development. The program is highly suited to individuals who aspire to take a leading technical role in high value-added business organizations. A candidate for an MPhil degree is expected to demonstrate knowledge in the discipline and to synthesize and create new knowledge, making a contribution to the field. Master of Science in Engineering Enterprise Management This unique MSc program is the result of collaboration between the School of Engineering and the School of Business and Management. It is specially designed for professionals with technical backgrounds who wish to launch or further their career in management. The program wil l prov ide the knowledge and techniques from line management to middle management , and al l the way to global enterprise management. Master of Science in Financial Technology Jointly run by Schools of Business and Management, Engineering and Science, the MSc program draws expertise from areas such as information technology, blockchain, data science, machine learning and decision analytics. It provides studentswith fundamental knowledge and essential skills relating to popular financial technologies and their engineering and financial principles, thereby enhancing their market competitiveness in the booming field. Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics The PhD program is designed for those interested in pursuing a career in advanced industr ial research and development , or university research and teaching. This program emphasizes training in original thinking and independent research. Students can design their program of study to suit their interests and needs. The program should cover a specialized area in industrial engineering and at least one minor area. It also aims at developing students’ skills in identifying issues related to a theoretical problem or a practical application, formulating an original research project that addresses some of the significant issues, and independently creating an effective solution to the problem. A candidate for a PhD degree is expected to demonstrate mastery of knowledge in the chosen discipline and to synthesize and create new knowledge, making an original and substantial contribution to the discipline. Research Postgraduate Programs Taught Postgraduate Programs PhD MPhil MSc MSc