HKUST PG Programs 2023-24 for School of Engineering

20 Enquiries MSc in Aeronautical Engineering T: (852) 2358 8987 MSc in Intelligent Building T: (852) 2358 6953 Technology and Management MSc in Mechanical Engineering T: (852) 2358 6953 Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering The program aims to equip those who want to enter the aeronautical engineering profession or to enhance the knowledge of those who have already been working in the aeronautical field. The program complements the existing undergraduate and graduate curr icula in mechanical and aerospace engineering, allows student to get exposure to the various core aspects of aeronautical engineering and how they are used in real world. Taught Postgraduate Programs MSc Master of Science in Intelligent Building Technology and Management The MSc program helps enhance the knowledge and competencies of professionals who are engaged in intelligent building projects in modern metropolises such as Hong Kong and major cities in Mainland China. The program aims to contribute toward the sustainability of today’s urban built environment. And it is designed for professionals in the building services industry. They can be mechanical engineers, electr ical engineers, bui lding services engineers, civil engineers, architects and other building operation professionals who wish to pursue comprehensive studies in intelligent building design, operation and facilities management. MSc Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering The MSc program prov ides an excel lent oppor tuni t y for fresh graduates, appl ied scientists and engineers to pursue an in-depth study at an advanced level in broad-based mechanical engineering disciplines, which is essential to the technological development of industry in Hong Kong and Mainland. Designed to benefit students with a broad range of backgrounds, the MSc program aims to enable them to acquire advanced up-to-date technical knowledge in emerging mechanical engineering fields, which will in turn enhance their skills and knowledge in the design and manufacturing of various electrical, mechanical and thermal systems and their components, as well as in materials technology. MSc