HKUST PG Programs 2023-24 for School of Science

School of SCIENCE 12 Department of Ocean Science Research Foci Facilities The Ocean Research Facility on campus is a key itemof infrastructure supporting our marine researches, while the Environmental Central Facility provides a range of equipment and technology commonly used in water and atmospheric environmental research. The Department emphasizes on building multi- and cross-disciplinary research and educational programs in Ocean Science and Technology. Our primary study sites include the estuarine environment of the Pearl River, the coastal bays of Hong Kong, and the deep sea (including the South China Sea). We have three main research foci: Ocean Research Facility The Ocean Research Facility is located on the seafront at HKUST, with a total area of about 1,200 sq. meters. The lower floor houses an excellent natural running seawater facility, together with two fully equipped wet laboratories and two well- designed environmentally controlled rooms. The upper floor is a dry laboratory area, compartmentalized into a multipurpose research laboratory, a molecular biology laboratory, an analytical laboratory, a microscope room, a radioisotope laboratory and a multifunction room. Environmental Central Facility The Environmental Central Facility provides common analytical instruments for environmental chemical analysis laboratory service (e.g. GC-MS, LC-MS, TOC, UV-Vis, etc.) and real-time meteorological and environmental database service. It also offers field and technical support for environmental research projects. Marine Ecology Oceanography Ocean Technology Master of Philosophy in Marine Environmental Science The MPhil program aims to train students to conduct independent research in Marine Environmental Science. A candidate for an MPhil degree is expected to demonstrate knowledge in the discipline and to synthesize and create new knowledge, making a contribution to the field. Doctor of Philosophy in Marine Environmental Science The PhD program seeks to train students in original research in Marine Environmental Science and to cultivate independent and innovative thinking that is essential for a successful research career in environmental science. A candidate for a PhD degree is expected to demonstrate mastery of knowledge in the chosen discipline and to synthesize and create new knowledge, making an original and substantial contribution to the discipline. Research Postgraduate Programs PhD MPhil