UROP Proceedings 2021-22

School of Engineering Department of Computer Science and Engineering 90 Video Analytics and IoT People/Asset Sensing for Smart City Applications Supervisor: CHAN Gary Shueng Han / CSE Student: ZHOU Yanting / MATH-CS Course: UROP2100, Spring Pervasive positioning is to locate an object anywhere seamlessly on a country scale. With current positioning technologies’ capability to support both indoor and outdoor environments, Pervasive Positioning Standard aims to bridge every party together. This standard specifies a set of communication protocols, data organization and format definitions for site signals, and data organization for maps using existing map standards. With this standard, existing location-based service (LBS) applications are able to operate anywhere in Hong Kong including their original supporting zone. In this report, I will briefly introduce the predesigned framework of the whole standard, and then elaborate more on the SDK APIs for applications, which is the part I worked on. AI Meets Big Data: User Analytics and Personalized Recommendation Based on Location Data Supervisor: CHAN Gary Shueng Han / CSE Student: CHANG Joshua / QFIN CHAU Yu Foon Darin / MATH-IRE Course: UROP1000, Summer UROP1100, Summer In this UROP project, we worked on video crowd counting using deep learning1 . We reorganised and restructured the code from a novel video crowd counting approach, PHNet, and trained the network using 2 video crowd counting benchmarks, Venice and Crowdflow. We then made modifications to the network, added some more data augmentation options, and also developed our own synthetic video crowd counting dataset using Unity and trained it with the network.