UROP Proceedings 2021-22

School of Engineering Department of Computer Science and Engineering 110 Geodesic Paths in Meshes Using Edge Flips Supervisor: CHENG Siu Wing / CSE Student: GAO Zhimeng / COMP Course: UROP1100, Fall This project concerns the study of a new method of finding Geodesic Paths in Meshes Using Edge Flips. We learned some pre-knowledge of this new method about geometry, which involves reading some reference books and doing practice problems. After that, we went through some tutorials about Github and tried to run the author’s code of this method in our local environment. Also, we plan to carry out an implementation to verify the practical effectiveness and experiment to see how the method works for graphs in general. Automated Program Synthesis Supervisor: CHEUNG Shing Chi / CSE Student: WANG Yiran / QFIN Course: UROP1100, Spring UROP2100, Summer Programs can be synthesized automatically by methods such as programming-by-examples. Through example pairs of code inputs and outputs inputted by users, we could achieve automation in program generation. And in this project, we focus on program analysis so developers would not need to write the scripts repeatedly for code analysis purposes on different projects. We collected benchmarks from GitHub, research papers at the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) and Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE). We gathered all their ground-truth analysis programs and designed a domain-specific language as mentioned in the previous report. Finally, we provided users a website interface for inputting their input-output examples.